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Its also worth noting that read all can be given without allowing the virtual cursor to move. What you need to be is in object nav, ie the default state of the navigation mode, and use the keypad plus to auto read the message.
As I say if its in screen mode its not going to work right, but otherwise it seems to. I now read in html but do not have any of the preview panes on in email or other software as otherwise it tends to read the on screen bit of that rather than the message you open. and this is not just an nvda issue either!


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I don't use Outlook but for all cases where I want to have speak all work correctly where it doesn't, I use the actual command. I use that command every time I read a message in Windows Live Mail. If I don't, perhaps because I read mail in plain text, the entire message isn't read. I don't like the standard read all command. I have the caps lock set as an NVDA key, so I can issue the command caps lock down arrow.

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From: Gary Metzler
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Subject: [nvda] outlook question

Hi All,

Yesterday I started using outlook 2016 because I can't get my contacts synced in the mail and people apps. I am using the latest windows 10 and nvda. When I open a message it doesn't always read the whole message. I have the auto read checkbox checked. What can I do to fix this? Thanks for any help.

Regards, Gary kn4ox

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