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I'm assuming its the one supplied with Office 2016. By the mere statement of the originator saying Microsoft supplied it as no success was being had getting the free Windows mail client to work.
However I'm sure we all also know that Microsoft have been having severe crashing issues with Outlook recently in windows 10 too, if a screenreader is present.
Hopefully recent updates have resolved this, but I think that was what you wanted to know.
So no, in my view you would need to be pretty desperate to use Windows webmail on their outlook used to be hotmail web interface. I think maybe it was designed by a drunk programmer....
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Wondering about outlook. Sorry, but I've not paid attension to the outlook discussion here. Is this a web-based mail service or a local mail client? Years ago, I used outlook as part of office 97, office 2000, and office 2003. At that time, I thought that a standalone outlook was something you had to purchase.

Since "big brother" won't let me use outlook express any more--and NVDA worked so well with it, I need to start learning something else. Maybe outlook is the one.



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