Re: nvda with a youtube to mp3 converter program

Edhoari Setiyoso

You could try this software (

I use it for couple of years without problems. Only when google made modifications on youtube then I need to update it.

On 29-Dec-17 4:10 PM, David Griffith wrote:

I believe that this program  is no longer in development so the chance of  an update may be remote.

David Griffith


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Google have changed the way Youtube works, so I'd suspect whoever wrote the

software needs to also change something to sort it.




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I have been using Pontes Media Downloader for some time without any problems

until recently. Now, when I try to download a file, the download starts but

stops, and there is a message that “An error has occurred”. What should I do

to correct that? All suggestions are welcome.


My OS is Windows 8.1.

From: Jason Milyo

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Subject: Re: [nvda] nvda with a youtube to mp3 converter program


Hi, there I use Pontes Media Downloader it’s easy to set up and you can

paste links and just tab of what format you want the video to be converted

too and go from there promps are accessible.




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Subject: [nvda] nvda with a youtube to mp3 converter program




Hi All,


I have been using the free youtube to mp3 converter for several years.  But

suddenly I can not seem to get the url to paste into the converter and auto

download into the music folder.    I am using verson build 5.5.

It seems the new version of this program from  DVDVideoSoft  in the new 4.62

version has become very unaccessible.


I wrote a chapter in a book using my laptop with nvda and version 3.12.5

build 5-05.  However, now with the new verson nothing downloads

automatically even if I get that bock check, and that is quit challenging

itself.  The menus are rather unaccessible.


Is there another youtube to mp3 converter that is easy to use. I work with

seniors, (55 and older), most around 65 years.


I will be greatful for any advice.9files to









Best Regards

Edhoari Setiyoso
edhoari <dot> s [at] gmail <dot> com

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