Another Wording Question


I am creating a text version of a help page. I need to describe in text a common pop-up window that the windows operating system displays. It would be shown as a picture to sighted users. To describe it, I have written:


When the file is made, you will be asked whether to open it or save it. A pop-up window will appear to ask "Do you want to open or save filename from" followed by the buttons Open, Save, Cancel, and Close this Window.


As a sighted user, I see an X on the pop-up window and know that it means “Close this Window”. But, how does it read to you? Is it called “Close this Window” or what is it called by the screen reader?


Likewise, the Save button is really a drop-down menu that is defaulted to Save. How does it call out the menu to you? I want to use the right words in my description.


Thanks and sorry for the bother,



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