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This is a pop-up dialog generated by the browser, in this case Internet Explorer. It is the browser the software guarantees will work so it is the interface described in the software’s help section. I’m not aware of any way to tell IE how to code its self-generated pop-up.


Thank you for understanding and confirming that different screen readers will read it differently. I wasn’t sure until I asked.


Tonea Morrow


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Joseph lee's message raises a question I've wondered about a bit now and then.  If it can gbe described to the layman without unreasonable effort, I've wondered why a screen-reader might read a control one way and another screen-reader read it with different wording.  Until perhaps a year ago, I had assumed that controls all had readable text and that screen-readers would read them all the same, but an earlier comment from Joseph and a variation I observed on a button caused me to realize that screen-readers don't necessarily speak the same things.  So how do screen-readers know how to read controls and why are there differences? 


For example, on the Send Space home page, the button that opens the select file to upload dialog is read as "browse".  Chrome reads it as something like "choose file".  So evidently, this button is not labeled with text but is recognized as a category or function control.  I'm not sure if I'm expressing it as clearly as I might but I think it's understandable.

In the specific help page being asked about, can these controls be labeled with text or alt text so they will all be read the same regardless of screen-reader?



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