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Ohh! That’s wonderful information! I work in a cubicle area. I’ve already had one person arrange to move to be seated somewhere else because my work generates too much noise (I have to listen to audio recordings and type out records). I use a headset, but the option to turn the audio off and watch a scrolling text feed would be great for me. I can really see how the focus highlight would be helpful too.


Bureaucracy moves at its own pace. No one is opposed to my having a screen reader. That should be clear. However, it first has to be on the approved software list (still waiting on a response) and then within the budget.


Also, if they are going to give it to one, then how many other people need it as well? Could the same result be obtained for more people with a different package? For example, some software packages offer to scan your work and check for 508 compliance. Which one would be fiscally more responsible: software that does the work for your people or software that allows you to think for yourself? So, no one is opposed to my using a screen reader, they just haven’t decided yet on how to address 508 for everyone’s work.


It is easy to say that I should have one package and someone else should have another, but that creates nightmares for IT departments. They need everyone to have the same software and to have as little software as possible. Otherwise, the support requirements get excessive at an exponential rate.


Thus, my letters here will help me support why I need a screen-reading software package. And, until Bureaucracy can decide on what the whole needs, they won’t look at what I need. The new rules don’t go into effect until January 18th. Give the system time. My questions have already started the conversation. I just have to wait for people to think about it.




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I'd like to second Joseph's advice to actually install NVDA and see how it presents your application.  But in addition, as a sighted user you will probably want to do two things:


1. Install the "Focus Highlight" plugin -- it makes it *far* easier to visually see what NVDA is describing at any given point in time; and

2. Enable the "Speech Viewer" feature (under Tools in the NVDA menu) -- it shows everything going to the speech synthesizer, but it just appears in a scrolling window -- quite useful!



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