Re: outlook contacts question

Antony Stone

Firstly, what is "the latest windows"?

When you say "it only goes so far", how far does it go?

Are you saying it reads 5 entries, 50 entries, 500 entries...?

Secondly, how many contacts do you have in the list?

Finally, what do you do to get NVDA speaking again? Is it sufficient to switch
to another application, or does it need restarting, or do you need to close
Outlook, or what?


On Saturday 30 December 2017 at 01:36:48, Gary Metzler wrote:

Hi All,

I just started using outlook 2016. I am using the latest windows and nvda.
When I go into my contacts list and I arrow down it only goes so far and
nvda doesn't speak. Is this normal behavior? Can this be fixed? Thanks
for any help.

Regards, Gary kn4ox
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