Re: Issues With Number Processing or Display On Creative Labs Web Page


I agree, but at the same time we should be able to read stuff in the right format especially if that format was visual
I today tried to register a coffee machine aand the site contained menus which did not speak and a few other things.
I had to actually shut down nvda and get sighted help because the nvda was in the way.
And whille thats not a big issue, if sites are going to list things such that the screen reader can not read them right and we can't read them right then I do think it should be modified or at least the reader be told to read things in a particular way.
I agree its not a good idea but if a lot of things are doing this unless you shop on those sites with ie and this is not the end all solution because microsoft is going to get rid of ie for good sooner than later.

On 30/04/2016 7:47 p.m., Gene wrote:
No, screen-readers should not change text by placing something there that is not there. If a screen-reader can be made to identify and read whatever is therre, that's fine. But a screen-reader should be able to be relied on by the user to accurately reflect what it is aware of on the screen. Reformatting a web page in the MSAA buffer is fine. But reformatting doesn't add material to what is read. It is a violation of the trust one puts in screen-readers if they add something that isn't there and make it appear as though it actually is.

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From: Shaun Everiss
Sent: Saturday, April 30, 2016 1:24 AM
Subject: Re: [nvda] Issues With Number Processing or Display On Creative Labs Web Page

Well without decimal points a thing most readers have been trained to
read for years those prices will never be read right.
The only way I think it will ever work short of modifying all synth
dictionaries at once, that this coding needs to be added into an addon
for nvda to put points where there should be.
Now this won't be acurate by any stretch in fact there will be probably
more problems with points in the wrong place but its better there than not.
In ie this ofcause never happens but with something like firefox it does.

On 30/04/2016 5:14 p.m., Patrick Le Baudour wrote:

not surprising... they don't put any point, they put the cents in small,
placed like an exponant. In code, that means


-- Patrick

Le 30/04/2016 à 04:17, Shaun Everiss a écrit :
Yes I have that issue with a computer site in firefox.
I think what is happening is that decimal points are just not being
Ie if something says it is 30.00 it will say 3000.
if say something is 20000.44
you will get 1600044.
If the price seems to high, you may try to manually add in the points,
sometimes it works well enough sometimes but more often not.
Its like some things that are for old ie and other things who knows.
But the pages are not getting their points rendered right and have been
in firefox for a while now.

On 30/04/2016 8:49 a.m., Ron Canazzi wrote:
Hi Group,

I am wondering if anyone else is having this problem. When I visit the
below web page on the Creative Laqs site, I get oddities with the prices
for the various products. For example, many of the prices are
ridiculously high such as $16999 for a set of small portable speakers.
When examining it closely, it seems these figures are deleting a decimal
point and replacing it with the first digit after the decimal point. So
the above example should actually read $16.99. This has happened a
number of times over the years. Here is the page.

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