Re: NVDA Not working Well On My Internet Connection


You said you suspect it is the synthesizer.  I have no idea if it is.  I use Via Voice whith NVDA and, while NVDA crashes because of it, the crashes don't occur when you describe yours occurring and they don't happen nearly as often. 
You could send the relevant part of the log here but someone with more technical knowledge will, I hope, discuss that further if you want to do that. 
Another way to find out is that even though you don't understand E-Speak, you can determine whether it is the synthesizer by using e-speak while doing things you say causes a crash.  or use whatever the default voice is in your version of
Windows for the tests.  If you tell us what version of Windows you are using, we can tell you how to tell NVDA to use the default voice.  then, when you are finished testing, you can just set the voice back to Via Voice by issuing the command control NVDA key r. 

Sent: Saturday, December 30, 2017 9:37 AM
Subject: [nvda] NVDA Not working Well On My Internet Connection

Hi good people:
I'm having a very odd problem with NVDA.  It doesn't work normally on
my computer, with the internet.  It crashes from time to time.  It
happens on all the different browsers, including firefox, internet
explorer and chrome.  It happens most times, when I want to open a
link in a new window.
Some times when a crash occurs, it affects the computer that I have to
shut it down all together in order to make it function again.  Added
to this, when I attempt to spell out a word using my right arrow key,
the screen reader just shuts down.
I suspect the problem has to do with the synthesiser I use with the
I use a synth called viavoice outloud.  It is an old synth.  I can't
use the pre-installed ESpeak, because I don't understand what it says.
I've tried out different English tones, but I just can't understand
any of them.
As for the microsoft voices, they are just too low.
I don't have any problems with other programs on the computer.  The
screenreader works very well on them.
Added to this, I don't have problems going through my mails on Gmail,
and composing messages.  All these work very well too.
So, can anyone please suggest what I can do?
Hope to read some help.
From Ibrahim in Nigeria.

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