help wanted in porting espeak fixes over to windows

Hi all

I  maintain a repository of espeak fixes. That is, pronunciation fixes for the US English language for words and names espeak ng mangles, for Linux based operating systems, located at http// I’ve been wanting to for some time port these over to windows and NVDA, as well as making them available to anyone using the sapi5 version of espeak ng. I don’t have the coding skills to do this though and need help. I’ve tried to get help on the espeak ng mailing list and no one seems interested. The biggest issue is writing a script to compile the fixes into espeak ng. I don’t know enough coding to do this. The other big problem is that to be able to compile the fixes, which are just text tfiles into the binary dictionary format espeak ng needs, you have to have installed espeak ng into whatever OS you use, I don’t think you can do it with just NVDA’s built in copy. I’d love to be able to get rid of this step if at all possible, since it would drastically increase the ease of new users being able to use and contribute to my fixes. My goal is to eventually become part of espeak ng’s development itself by helping reece dunn with US English, although I haven’t managed it yet. My fixes are occasionally added to espeak ng itself, but only when reece has time to comb through them and fix any I get wrong. Is anyone interested in helping me make it possible to use these with NVDA? I don’t know where NVDA looks for espeak ng’s dictionary files, so in addition to being able to compile the files, you have to copy them to wherever it is NVDA looks for them so it can pick up on them. I’m not sure about the sapi 5 version of espeak ng, but I’d like to make it possible for people to use my fixes regardless how they use espeak ng or what they use it on, right now it’s limited strictly to Linux or unix OSes since I had help with the bash script which compiles and copies them.


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