Re: nvda and windows 98 virtual machine?

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No it won't there used to be an article as to why which I read, but its because Windows 98 is based around a different kernel to the XP, which was based itslef on NT. Most of the later versions of windows are also able to trace their history back to NT, but due to changes in the way certain routines work now, nvda needs at least XP sp3 to be reliable in my experience, and even then, the new accessibility UIA for XP is so full of bugs its not used by nvda in that operating stem.

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Subject: Re: [nvda] nvda and windows 98 virtual machine?

When I was running windows me Some one told me nvda worked with 9x, I couldn't get it to work. Not sure if it does or not. May be using python and running nvda from source might work.

On 4/21/2016 12:40 AM, Rosemarie Chavarria wrote:
NVDA doesn't work with windows 98.

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Subject: [nvda] nvda and windows 98 virtual machine?

Hello I know this is a long shot but figured I would ask here does nvda work with windows 98? if so what version? I am playing around with a win98 vm and was curious if I could get nvda to run on the os I would be using this for nastelgia purposes thanks Hank

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