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David Griffith

For me Windows Mail loads faster than any other   mail app though I do have 4 times the ram at 16GB which may make   a difference.

Normally I  use NVDA with Mail.  I am doing so at  the moment. One thing I do notice is that Mail may lock up with NVDA if there is anything processor intensive happening in the background. If I switch temprorarily to Narrator whilst this is happening   mail suddenly comes back to life.

It may be worth trying mail with Narrator if it  is unresponsive with NVDA as they works quite nicely together.

David Griffith

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From: Robert Mendoza
Sent: 30 December 2017 13:25
Subject: Re: [nvda] Using Win10's Mail App


Out of curiosity I tested awhile ago for the first time the Mail apps to

my Windows 10 machine, I noticed when opening the mentioned apps took me

so long to loads or open. Though, I never had experience this to other

third-party applications like Thunderbird, and etc. Or, is this really

normal as it was supposed to be?Again, this happen although none

application is running in the background. I am currently using a Dual

Core processor 5th generation with 4GB RAM. Not sure what exactly could

cause of this. I appreciate your advice. Thanks.



Robert Mendoza


On 12/30/2017 10:39 AM, Rosemarie Chavarria wrote:

> Hi, Pauline,

> David Moore has a great tutorial on how to use the mail app. It also covers the calendar and the people app.

> Hope this helps.

> Rosemarie

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> Good Evening,

> Are any instructions for using Win10's Mail app with NVDA?  Thanks and an early wish for a happy new year.

> Pauline






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