Re: My Documents Opening In Windows Media Player


Not sure just how this has happened, but the tile associations for Word have been reassigned to Media Player. The computer looks at the file type, the letters that follow the file name, and uses the program that is set to open that file type. You will need to reset that connection between file type and program to open it. Will you need help doing that? If so, post back to the list.

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Subject: [nvda] My Documents Opening In Windows Media Player

I am having another unusual and odd problem.
But this problem has nothing to do with NVDA, although I use the screenreader.
Actually, many of my documents are now opening in windows media player. The documents were created by me in microsoft word, and wordpad, but now they open in windows media player.
I am also having the same problem with some materials Emailed to me.
The attachments are in word document,, but when I attempt to open them, they open in windows media player.
I just can't figure out what this problem is all about.
Please has anyone ever had this problem at any time? how did you resolve it.
Hope to read your response.

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