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Did you tell us which version of Windows it was?
I'm rather interested in what actually changed it in the first place. Didn't think I've ever had this happen, ever. its the kind of thing naughty scammers do if they get into your machine to pretend it needs fixing so you pay them money, in my experience
It should not be hard to fix, if a little tedious, remembering what opened with what.
I know Icon easily alter it by using open with rather than actually clicking to open the file. IE use the drop down context menu instead of opening the file when its highlighted. You can then navigate too a list of software on your machine and select the one you want, normally you will find it asking should it use that software to open all programs of this type, and if you say yes and ok to all things then you should eventually find all the changed ones.
I don't know how you have windows set up, but I always switch on file extensions in explorer, and do not hide any files, or allow the use of icons for common file types. It is a whole lot easier to fix if you know what the actual file types are in the first place.

A lesson learned very early on, find out as much as you can about how windows does things.

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Hello again:
In response to Rick's reply, I will need helpful tutorials to re-set
the connection between file types and programs in order to open my
I don't know how to do it.

On 12/31/17, <> wrote:
Not sure just how this has happened, but the tile associations for Word have
been reassigned to Media Player. The computer looks at the file type, the
letters that follow the file name, and uses the program that is set to open
that file type. You will need to reset that connection between file type and
program to open it. Will you need help doing that? If so, post back to the

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Subject: [nvda] My Documents Opening In Windows Media Player

I am having another unusual and odd problem.
But this problem has nothing to do with NVDA, although I use the
Actually, many of my documents are now opening in windows media player. The
documents were created by me in microsoft word, and wordpad, but now they
open in windows media player.
I am also having the same problem with some materials Emailed to me.
The attachments are in word document,, but when I attempt to open them, they
open in windows media player.
I just can't figure out what this problem is all about.
Please has anyone ever had this problem at any time? how did you resolve
Hope to read your response.

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