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Try using the read current line command after moving to see if just the current item is read.  Until the problem is corrected, that may stop extraneous speech.

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Hello listers:


Humanware makes a software package (called humanware Companion) for transferring files between a PC and a removable storage device, like a USB stick or SD card. This software makes it easy to transfer different types of files to the special directory areas for devices like the Victor Reader Stream. A tree view is presented for the files on the PC and another for the files on the removable storage device. When using the arrow keys to navigate the tree views, NVDA speaks the previous item before speaking the item moved to. For example, assume the list consists of three items, labeled book1, book2 and book3. When first entering the tree view, “book1” is spoken (along with size and whether the item is checked). If I then hit the down arrow key, NVDA speaks “book1 book2” instead of just “book2. Pressing the down arrow again and NVDA speaks “book2 book3” instead of just “book3.” The same behavior is exhibited when using page up or page down, the line where the focus is first spoken followed by the line with the new focus. This does not happen using the Window Eyes screen reader. Only the new line with focus is spoken.


I am running the latest released versions of Windows 10, NVDA and the Humanware Companion.


The latest version of the Humanware Companion can be downloaded at:


I will also send this information to Humanware.



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