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Adriani Botez

Dear André


I decided to include the other lists in my reply as well since this addon would impact lot of NVDA users. This addon is really wonderful and gives us a basis for the discussion which for example can be followed on github in NVDA issue #7848. Do you have a github profile?


Additionally, there are some restrictions regarding automatic recognition of braille output table and this led me to create another issue on Github in Liblouis, Issue #489:



I have tested your wonderful addon, which by the way should definitely appear on NVDA’s addons website, and came to following result with respect to multiple braille output tables:

  1. I chose german 8 dot computer braille as first output table and turkish grade 1 as second output table. The specific letters for Turkish language are automatically displayed correctly. But NVDA takes other signs (i.e. capital letter) and displays both possibilities on the braille display (8 dot computer braille and grade 1). When I put the cursor on a capital letter, the letter is being displayed as if it is a small letter. When I move the cursor to the right, the capital letter is displayed with dots 4 and 6 for grade 1 and dot 7 for 8 dot computer braille. Moreover, the Turkish output table seems to contain signs for the beginning and the end of a line of text. Those signs are being displayed as well in corresponding grade 1 braille.
  2. I chose german 8 dot computer braille and French 8 dot computer braille. The French 8 dot computer braille seems to interpret the cursor position differently, because the cursor is being displayed on one braille cell before the sign which Is being spoken. Let’s say I move the system caret on g of the word “dog”, then the cursor on the braille display is on o and not on g. The german table put the braille cursor on g.



As of now, multilingual texts are not intuitively readable by a simple user. Braille output tables have to be adjusted in such a way that for example a 8 dot computer braille standard is being created for all languages. That means, that i.e. fullstop is dot 6 or number two is dots 1, 2, 8 in all output tables.

Alternatively, you could add an option to this addon for choosing which output table has higher priority. For example if the german 8 dot computer braille output table has high priority, then signs like capital, fullstop, exclamation mark etc. are being recognized in 8 dot computer braille. If the Turkish grade 1 braille output table has low priority, then only turkish letters are being displayed in grade 1, all other things are displayed in 8 dot computer braille.


So, could you please add a priority option for output tables accordingly?







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Hello Adriani,

I'm contacting you regarding your post on NVDA-addons group.

I recently added the possibility to specify a secondary output braille table in my BrailleExtender addon. It is a first attempt. I suggest you test and tell me what you think.

In attachment, the development version of this addon.

To specify the secondary braille table, go to BrailleExtender submenu (in root of NVDA menu, then "settings" item, then reading tab.




Le 08/12/2017 à 00:12, adriani.botez via Groups.Io a écrit :

Dear all,

If I have a text where german and russian words are combined, when i choose german output table the russian letters are shown as a combination of signs I cannot understand. On the other hand, if I switch the tables, the german letters are not being displayed correctly.

Is there a possibility to tell NVDA to automaically recognize the language and to choose the right table accordingly? Let's say I would restrict it to grade 1 or so.

The same for other languages.



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