New add-on - IndentNav

Tony Malykh

Hi guys,

I just wrote my first NVDA add-on:

It solves two problems:

1. In browsers you can jump to paragraphs with the same horizontal offset. For example, it can be useful to read first-level comments on web-pages that present a hierarchical trees of comments, like reddit. Now you can simply find the first comment and press NVDA+Alt+DownArrow to go to the next first-level comment.

2. While editing source code in many programming languages, it allows you to navigate by the indentation level. For example, you can move to previous/next lines with the same indentation level by pressing NVDA+Alt+Up or DownArrow. You can also jump to a parent line or to first child.

Please let me know if anyone finds it useful, or if you have any suggestions.


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