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Edhoari Setiyoso

Hi Jason,

I was about to reply my own thread with the same answer that you sent :)

I used adminer a while back when using linux as main workstation and completely forgot it. Thanks for your reply :)

On 01-Jan-18 7:50 PM, Jacob Kruger wrote:
For things like mySQL, etc., I often enough use this single PHP file web interface for database administration, and, it includes offering support for postGreSQL - if the server it's running under has support for database connections to postGreSQL - WAMP, running here on my windows 10 64 bit machine does:


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On 2018/01/01 10:08, Edhoari Setiyoso wrote:
Hi all.

I'm looking for accessible postgresql GUI Client for my work. I tried using dbeaver. NVDA can read most but could not get result query tab read by NVDA. I also tried pgadmin but it just refused to work in my system.

So far I'm using command line tools but it's quite difficult to handle large sql code.

My system is Windows 10 x64

Any help would be appreciated.

Best Regards

Edhoari Setiyoso
edhoari <dot> s [at] gmail <dot> com

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