My Documents Opening In Windows Media Player


It sounds like your default has accidentally gotten changed. Instead of file.docx being associated with Word, it has become associated with media player. You’ll need to reset it back to being associated with Word.


One method is to open word and find the associations in the program settings. That location varies depending upon the software version. The method I would use is the second method.


Go to any word file. Right click to bring up a context menu. The first item that should appear is Open with Whatever. If that whatever is media player, you have confirmation that the associations have been broken. If it is Word, then the problem is somewhere else.


Let’s assume it says Open with Media player. Farther down the list is a sub-menu called Open With. Choose that one. Inside that menu at the very bottom, is the option, “Choose Default Program…”. Needless to say, that’s the selection you want to make. From there, choose Word. Your problem should now be fixed.


Of course, I’m running Windows 7 from work, so your mileage may vary. I don’t know if any of the menus changed with Windows 10.


IF this works for you, then you have my gratitude. I appreciate the opportunity to help given all the help I’m receiving.


Tonea Morrow


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I am having another unusual and odd problem.

But this problem has nothing to do with NVDA, although I use the screenreader.

Actually, many of my documents are now opening in windows media player.  The documents were created by me in microsoft word, and wordpad, but now they open in windows media player.

I am also having the same problem with some materials Emailed to me.

The attachments are in word document,, but when I attempt to open them, they open in windows media player.

I just can't figure out what this problem is all about.

Please has anyone ever had this problem at any time? how did you resolve it.

Hope to read your response.




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