Re: numb lock help

Antony Stone

When you press the / key, do you get the / symbol?

I ask because on my number pad, the Num Lock key is the top left, whereas the
/ key is immediately to its right.

I just wonder whether you're pressing the Num Lock key instead (which would be
indicated by not getting the / symbol when you press the button), and
therefore the next key to the right is the one you need?

On my number pad, the keys on the top row, from left to right, and Num Lock, /
(slash), * (asterisk) and - (minus).


On Tuesday 02 January 2018 at 20:15:45, slery wrote:

I have accidently done something to the number pad on my keyboard
(desktop). When I hit the / on the numb pad it turns off the numb lock.
So, if I want to type a date I type 1/ and then the numb lock is off and I
can't type the rest of the date without turning the numb lock back on. It
was probably some kind of accidental multiple key press on the numb pad as
this is when it started.

Desperately seeking help,

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