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Tony Malykh

Hi Derek,

I have fixed all the changes you proposed. I haven't made a new release yet though. IF that's OK, I'll be happy if you can publish it on the official NVDA add-ons site.



On 1/1/2018 7:28 PM, derek riemer wrote:
We need you to put a GPL header on this file so that anyone downloading it knows it complies with GPL (This is because it's running in NVDA's GPL process).

Next, let us know when you are ready for this to go on the addons site (if you want that which I assume you do).

Other tidbits, not needing changed to pass code review:
def isEmptyLine(self, s):
Did you know about speech.isBlank?

Why is there a random pass at the end of the file?

On Mon, Jan 1, 2018 at 6:43 PM, Tony Malykh <anton.malykh@...> wrote:
Hi guys,

I just wrote my first NVDA add-on:

It solves two problems:

1. In browsers you can jump to paragraphs with the same horizontal offset. For example, it can be useful to read first-level comments on web-pages that present a hierarchical trees of comments, like reddit. Now you can simply find the first comment and press NVDA+Alt+DownArrow to go to the next first-level comment.

2. While editing source code in many programming languages, it allows you to navigate by the indentation level. For example, you can move to previous/next lines with the same indentation level by pressing NVDA+Alt+Up or DownArrow. You can also jump to a parent line or to first child.

Please let me know if anyone finds it useful, or if you have any suggestions.



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