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Bear in mind that it is a development project though, and might contain some odd pronunciations, but was quite good in other respects if you like that kind of voice.

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It's free.


On 4/29/16, Arlene <nedster66@...> wrote:
Hi, do you have to pay for it. or is it free? I don’t mind paying it. but is
it free?

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Hi. SpeechPlayer in eSpeak can be downloaded from the following link:
It is under the development section of the NVDA add-ons list. When
installed, switch to the appropriate synthesizer.

On 4/29/16, Kelly Sapergia <ksapergia@...> wrote:
Hi Joseph,

I've got an earlier version of the Speech Player add-on, but it doesn't

Edward. I also don't see it under eSpeak, unless I skipped over it. How

I get the version with the voice?


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