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slery <slerythema@...>

No, I mean a desktop just as I indicated. Laptops do not have a number pad
unless you by an external.

I have also discovered that it does the same thing with the + - * and /. It
apparently has to do with NVDA because I have it in all programs except
Money Talks where NVDA is asleep and I am using self voicing for that
program as I prefer the way it reads things.

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I have no idea, but most of us find the exact opposite, ie its turned on
when we want it off!
I'm assuming you mean its alaptop and that its toggled now by a single key.
I cannot imagine how this might be achieved.
is there a fn key on the machine somewhere.
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I have accidently done something to the number pad on my keyboard
When I hit the / on the numb pad it turns off the numb lock. So, if I want
to type a date I type 1/ and then the numb lock is off and I can't type
rest of the date without turning the numb lock back on. It was probably
kind of accidental multiple key press on the numb pad as this is when it

Desperately seeking help,


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