Re: is BlueStacks accessible with NVDA?

Mr. Wong Chi Wai <>

Thanks for your reply.
Recently I find another option to try android is install a android x86 on virtual machine.

mohammad suliman 於 30/4/2016 14:26 寫道:

If you still need help with that, the answer is yes. But you need to install google play store and then talkback from what i heard. To do this, you can ask for sited help if available. Another option is to get a configuration file which installs talkback and play store. This option doesn't require a sited help. Unfortunately i don't have that file, you can ask for it on eyes free group, think someone can provide it there 

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On Fri, Apr 22, 2016 at 3:06 PM -0700, "Mr. Wong Chi Wai, William" <> wrote:

Hi , is the android app virtualization machine BlueStacks accessible on 
windows by using NVDA?


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