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Have a look at the punctuation dialogue in nvdas preferences. I just made this read it as dashc, and I'd imagine if you can live with minus instead of dash you could make it say that.
The key is the punctuationlevel setting here, some will normally allow it to be spoken when cursoring down or up a line of code. one needs to be a little carful though as minus also exists in the table. Try playing with it on a portable version before you commit to it in the installed one.
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I'm using latest NVDA 2017.4 on Windows 10 x64 (I doubt OS version has anything to do with this).

To summarize, I want to know how to make NVDA do not skip certain character while reading a line.

a = b - c

I only hear "a equals b c" from equation above. While it should be "a equals b minus c".

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Edhoari Setiyoso
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On 04-Jan-18 1:54 PM, Edhoari Setiyoso wrote:

It's me again :) I still trying to get used with NVDA and could youe some help

I review a code with Visual Studio Code and can't get NVDA to spell the "-" operator when I press numpad 8 or up/down arrow keys. Therefore I have to traverse per character to hear if thera re any dash character in certain line. Tried with Notepas++ with same result.

It's a arithmetic operator and important for me to have it read correctly.

Any help would be appreciated

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