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MJW <matthewjwilliams101@...>

btw, I use QRead for reading PDF's Epubs, docx's, etc. It works
particularly well with pdf and epub.

On 04/01/2018, <> wrote:
One of the help files I make is a PDF. It has a lot of page references
created by Acrobat when it builds the PDF. How does NVDA read them?

For a reference icon directing the sighted user to page six, does NVDA say
(multiple choice):

A. Nothing

B. 6

C. Page 6

D. Reference Page 6

E. Something Else

I can create a sample page if anyone needs one. Just email me privately and
I'll send it to you since I can't send it to the list.

I've been so busy boning up on W3.WCAG 2.0 that I haven't done much with PDF
standards yet.


Tonea Morrow

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