Re: one core voices are too slow when I choose them with nvda

Sarah k Alawami

Yah I got it. setings with windows 8, then go right until you hear language and speech, hit enter. Now go to speech ad hit enter or space. Now go o the slider and adjust from there. It will also make your narrator speed up very fast if you are not careful so be aware of this.

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I guess it is time to ask the wizard (Tyler Spivey) to help us.
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Subject: Re: [nvda] one core voices are too slow when I choose them with nvda
I don't know how well you will hear nvda  if at all but here is a sample of when I accidentally had it at 100 percent. I cannot get it to sound like this any longer. Sorry about the crppy audio. Let's just say I was having a bad day. It's attached to my google drive.

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Ah Ok. I'm no longer in the insider program so guess I'll have to wait for this one.

Take care and thanks.

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Go to Settings/Ease of Access/Narrator and change the rate to above 80. At
the moment the overall rate is tied to that setting, but I'll ask around to
see if we can change that (requires Windows 10 Version 1709).

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Subject: [nvda] one core voices are too slow when I choose them with nvda

Hello to all. This happens on the stable and next builds. I just reinstalled
windows on my computer and nvda as well. I made sure the system voice was at
Narrator is set to 70.  The one core voices for nvda are still way way way
too slow. I don't see the voice boost anywhere. How can I change this again'
I've actually forgotten how.

Take care all.


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