Re: Latest Firefox is extremely slow

Kevin Huber

Hi Andy:

This information might not help you much, but it might change your
attitude about Firefox.

The latest episode of the Eyes On Success podcast features an
interview with Jamy Teh, who, as you know, was one of the guys who
originated NVDA, and he now works at Mozilla. As he points out in the
interview, Firefox version 57 is not where they would like it to be,
but he promises that the next version, 58 will show a substantial
improvement in the performance of Firefox.
Kevin Huber

On 1/4/18, Andy <> wrote:
Or Google Chrome.


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I am done with mozilla..

If they say that screen readers are the problem I will use water fox which

as all the stuff I need.

True it will eventually use outdated addons but so what.

With this new processer bug fix, I suspect firefox will be even worse.

On 4/01/2018 10:41 p.m., Brian's Mail list account via Groups.Io wrote:
Incidentally 57 latest still completely fails in my windows 7, so I'm
back on 52 esr. Maybe by the time they get to version 60 ythey might get

it torun on windows 7. Ahem.

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Hi Group,

I have the latest 57 version, I think its 5 or 6 as in 57.005 or 57.006

and I don't see this sluggishness.

On 1/4/2018 12:47 AM, Lino Morales wrote:
Yes. Run the version 52 ESR or simply wait till V 58 comes out.
Download 58 beta build 13 also if you'd like. That's what I'm running
now. Its not as slow as V577.3.

On 1/4/2018 12:34 AM, Edhoari Setiyoso wrote:
Hi All,

I tried Firefox for couple of weeks now and it feels so sluggish. I
think it began with Firefox Quantum, Unfortunately the solution that I

found in the mozilla forum is to prevent access for accessibility,
effectively rendering it useless with NVDA. Does anyone here has
another solution?

Best Regards

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