Re: PDF to Word conversion tool

Ângelo Abrantes


I'm using a software called "nitro pdf converter", ina a portable version, that workes very well. I don't know if it possible to merge files with it.

You cann search for nitro pdf converter" in google.

Ângelo Abrantes.

Às 11:25 de 30-04-2016, Bhavya shah escreveu:

Dear all,
As most of my school textbooks are available officially from our
national educational boards, I am downloading them for my academic use
directly from there.
However, they are in the PDF format, which is something that I dislike
and find navigation laggy and inconvenient in.
Therefore, I am in search of a simple and accessible PDF to Word
conversion tool, that will accelerate the process instead of copying
and pasting from PDF files to a new Word document.
If possible, I would also like a software that could combine or merge
PDF or Word files, as I have an individual file for each unit or
chapter which is not what I ideally desire. If there exists a
technique to quickly merge or compile the various chapter files in the
required order, that would simplify things too.

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