Re: Visual Studio add-on.

Jacob Kruger

Ok, if look in the NVDA log, it's still throwing up errors, so seems there might be an issue with how extracted source for the file to place in that path.

So, sorry, NVDA is still not rendering much to me in terms of VS.Net 2015, so can't help with anything relating to intellisense, etc.

Stay well

Jacob Kruger
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On 2016-04-30 12:17 PM, Pawel Urbanski wrote:
Sounds like a good place. Telling it off the top of my head. Cannot
check it on the machine I am writing now.
But, getting back to my oryginal problem: how can we turn off reading
item possition in the Intelisense popup? And then hearing all th etime
the window title when we leave the popup after picking the function /
whatever object...?

On 4/30/16, Jacob Kruger <> wrote:
Ok, extracted python source.

Do I just place in the following path?


Thanks in advance

Jacob Kruger
Blind Biker
Skype: BlindZA
"Roger Wilco wants to welcome the space janitor's closet..."

On 2016-04-30 11:36 AM, Pawel Urbanski wrote:
Hi Jacob,
The add-on is hosted at Github at the following URL:

The is invluded by default with NVDA.

The new project wizard is quite OK ofr me. I am using Windows 10
64-bit. Or maybe I am skipping some elements without knowing they are
on the screen since NVDA is not getting them either.

I like VS for the Intelisense support, which is very convinient in
comparason to Eclipse. You just start typing and get the list of
suggestions without dancing by pressing Control+Space as it happens
with Eclipse.

On 4/30/16, Jacob Kruger <> wrote:
What is this VS 2015 add-on referred to, or is it just included as part
of NVDA itself?

Asking since also, at times, play around with VS.Net 2015 community
edition, but, for example, the new project dialogue doesn't seem to get
read/rendered by NVDA 2016.1 at the moment, and NVDA doesn't always want
to react to rest of environment either?


Jacob Kruger
Blind Biker
Skype: BlindZA
"Roger Wilco wants to welcome the space janitor's closet..."

On 2016-04-30 9:37 AM, Pawel Urbanski wrote:
Dear Group,
I am currently working using Visual Studio 2015 - the latest update.
Since Microsoft introduced the Visual Studio Community edition, which
used to be Professional edition, we got a very nice IDE.
There is an NVDA add-on, which is installed by default that enhances
NVDA and VS interoperability.
The features are rather complete, but I found 2 issues:
1. When Intelisense with code suggestions popup is read, NVDA keeps
reading the number of items in a edit combo / list, which can get very
annoying / flustrating.
--- What is the way using code to silence reading this attribute? NVDA
has the opption of not reading item possition information. Can we
apply it to individual controls?

2. When leaving the previously mentioned Intelisense popup, NVDA keeps
reading the window type / title, which is way too verbose when you are
coding and keep jumping from the editor to Intelisense all the time.
--- Can we control this from the add-on code?

I am not familiar with Python on the daily basis, but can find someone
to fix the code or do it myself if the changes are minor and can
simply follow the documentation and do little trial and error.

Thanks for any hints and tips,

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