Re: What do we like for a media player besides Winamp?

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Well I use vlc media player butt I have played with a player called pot player.  So use should use vlc media player or pot player because those 2 players support lots of formats than win amp.  Good luck


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Yes, really. It will be in the middle of playing music, and it will

crash. I'm using a minimal installation, no device sync stuff, no Winamp

Agent, no library. I have no idea why it crashes and I'm frankly not

interested in dicking around with it to find out. That's probably

because I had to reset my PC twice in the last month or so, so this is

my second go-round of reinstalling all and sundry. So at this point,

I'll just take a media player that works if it's decent.



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> Really? The question is why does it crash.

> Normally if its used just to do the playing not the actual running of

> a database its still got the edge over other  ones, you need to  stop

> the portable device detector though as that has always crashed randomly.

> Brian

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> Subject: [nvda] What do we like for a media player besides Winamp?

>> Hi all. I'm looking for a Winamp replacement, since it keeps

>> crashing, apparently the amount of music I have is just too much for

>> it. I like Winamp's minimal interface. I don't have to tab all over

>> the place to get to things, I don't have to hit weird alt function

>> key combinations, stuff like that. I loathe iTunes, in case anybody

>> wants to suggest it. Also, I'm looking for something modern, or at

>> least maintained, so please don't start telling me about how if you

>> find just the right website, you can download a version of Windows

>> Media Player from twelve ears ago that's awesome!



>> I tried playing with Groove a bit. It works, but there seems to be no

>> keyboard shortcuts to speak of, at least not that I saw, and it was

>> tab central through a bunch of stuff I don't really care about. But

>> maybe I just need to learn it better. I organize my own music, so

>> other than pointing it at a folder and letting it go on random or

>> shuffle or whatever, I don't think I need an organizer. I thought of

>> VLC but I'm not sure if that has enough control or accessibility,

>> though I gather you can make whatever keyboard shortcuts for it you

>> want, so it's a possibility.



>> If anybody's got recommendations, I'd surely appreciate some. I'd

>> keep using Winamp, but apparently 200 plus GB of music is the point

>> at which Winamp throws up its hands and runs away to hide in a

>> closet. So I guess it's time to use something else, which is too bad,

>> because I still dig Winamp.










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