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I find the American eloquence voice to be good.  I have listened to the Brittish voice and the accent souneds like someone trying to imitate a Brittish accent.  I therefore believe that the Brittish voice was developed by speakers of English who are not Brittish and who are giving their impression of how Brittish English sounds.  It doesn't sound as they represent. 
As an American, I very much enjoy hearing people speak Brittish English.  I used to listen to the BBC regularly.  But I find the Brittish voice annoying and inauthentic.  I therefore don't use it where I might use it off an on for variety and pleasure if it was an authentic representation.

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and what is wrong with the english elloquence voice? I have been using it
now for about 15 years.
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I've started  this thread as I want to say something specific about this. To
me at least this sounds very much like Eloquence UK English, so those out
there that seem to have issues with the paid for version of that synth,
might like to test this as a compromise.
Please lets not have more  my synth is better than yours threads here. I'm
merely stating an opinion, and it only reflects how my ears perceive it.

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