Re: Gom Audio setup.

John Isige

Is there no way to set the audio output device? I have multiple sound cards. I don't see one in either the preferences or the context menus.

On 1/5/2018 16:05, Jacob Kruger wrote:
Everything in gom player works via context menu, with most common commands having hotkeys assigned to them as well - invoke context menu, and, explore the various submenus, but, space bar toggles playback, arrow keys jump backward and forward, and change volume levels, etc. etc.

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On 2018/01/05 23:52, John Isige wrote:
Well, I'm trying Gom Audio, as opposed to the player because I have VLC for video playback. Any tips on setting it up? F5 gets you to general preferences and ctrl-p plays and pauses, but that's about what I know. I have no idea how to set up keyboard shortcuts or change audio output or anything like that, and there appears to be no menus, at least, the alt key brings nothing up. The documentation, at least on their site, is awful and not particularly helpful. But really, accessing all of the preferences or settings or whatever you call it should be all I need to know, since I assume it will give the keyboard shortcuts it has by default.

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