Re: Foobar 2000 (was RE: [nvda] What do we like for a media player besides Winamp?)

John Isige

Me too, or if anybody wants to gives tips on VLC for audio playback, I
can try that too. Gom Audio is gone, I loaded albums into it, it started
playing, and then pretty much locked up my machine, or at least the
keyboard. Nothing would work, not its context menu, Windows key-x, I
couldn't switch windows, you name it. So I hit the power button to shut
down, rebooted, and uninstalled it. I'm fine setting things up and
customizing, but my patience is like zero right now. If it can't even do
the basic thing it's supposed to, it's gone.

On 1/5/2018 16:34, JM Casey wrote:

So the thread here reminded me I wanted to try this out. I’m really
interested in getting this one going. Not sure if it’ll replace winamp
exactly as I’m quite happy with it, but it’ll be nice to have another
audio player that actually works and does everything I want it to.
That stuff from Microsoft just will never cut it, and I never did get
really used to or happy with using VLC for audio playback (still the
only video player for me).

Looking at their site, I notice there are **loads** of extensions  and
plug-ins available. So I ask you foobar users – what are those
essential add-ons that you use or can recommend?

Also if I remember right from playing with it in my XP days, you
assign the keyboard commands by editing ini files. I assume all of you
have customised the programme quite extensively. Tell me about this,
just so I have a starting point here. What is your setup?

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