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Sharni-Lee Ward

GAH, I hate Speech Platform! No matter what I do, they won't pronounce
the "n" in my name! I have tried every possible combination of letters
in the speech dictionary to get it to say my name, but when I try it's
like "LOLNOPE still gonna mess it up". And Espeak, with the inflection
at max, is what I've been using for four years now. Admittedly, I stick
to the Linda voice, as it's the best female one in my opinion, and the
male ones sound a bit jarring on max inflection sometimes, but it's
still much better than Speech Platform or Mary TTS or Newance or Ivona.
I don't want flat voices, especially when reading fiction with NVDA. And
I don't use super-speed, but stick with the default rate of 30. Much
faster and it becomes unintelligible.

On 30/04/2016 6:45 PM, Brian's Mail list account wrote:
Yes but many beginners have issues. If even I listen to some of the
demos on cool blind tech and other sites, I find more often than not
that the user has the speed turned up far too high to be
understandable unless they are using the exact same voice as you are.
Often I'd prefer say, the speech platform Hazel voice to read
documents to me, but the irritating number of words it needs to have
in its dictionary to sound right is quite a problem, indeed in nvda
and other software, that and the Microsoft sapi voices do have an
annoying tendency to expand inappropriate abbreviations into the US
standard not the UK ones.

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Espeak is probably the best open source synthesizer available!
Definitely a keeper!
Just my preference, I don't care for the "natural" sounding
synthesizers. It seems like it takes them way to long to say the
same thing espeak can say in a few seconds.

On 4/20/2016 6:57 PM, Arlene wrote:
I'll third that. don’t get rid of E Speak. It's very responsive.

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I second that. Don't get rid of e-speak. It's fast and responsive.

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no don't get rid of espeak! keep espeak but 1. improve edward and 2.
make edward the default voice and 3. let the edward ;voice be
tweaked to make more klatt variants and 4. let edward voice have all
pronunciation abilities of non-klatt espeak.

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