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Jason White

I notice you’ve posted this query to multiple mailing lists. Since I’ve already replied elsewhere, I’ll add here that the recently announced

BrailleExtender add-on for NVDA is said to enable rapid switching between several input and output translation tables. If multiple languages are to be used effectively involving different character sets, this feature is desirable, so the user doesn’t have to enter a preference menu every time it is necessary to switch between braille tables.


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This message may be considered off-topic, but there is really nowhere in particular where I can try to engage those who’ve “been there, done that” (or may be there doing that) with this topic.  If the moderator believes this should not be further discussed on the group, then please post with that request.  I am happy to receive input either on the group or via private message or e-mail.

I may soon be taking on some contract work where one of the questions is what braille display would be best suited for use with foreign (non-English) characters both from an input and output perspective.  Since I am sighted and monolingual this particular need is something that’s entirely in the abstract for me.   This is definitely a time where input from those who have already encountered this need and tried things out would be invaluable.

I would also be curious as to whether those who are dealing with multiple languages where non-English-language character sets are being used have found it useful to use a language-specific keyboard.  It certainly makes text entry easier but only if you are able to familiarize yourself with the layout on said keyboard and get as comfortable with it as the keyboard you typically use.  I know that these are available as replacements on laptops so I’d have to presume that the external USB keyboard equivalent is available as well.

Also, if you as a multi-language computer user are willing to be a part of an “e-mail circle” about this please let me know.   This is a time where more input, and possibly conflicting input, is a very good thing provided you can describe how you’ve arrived at your conclusions.  It would be great to be the proverbial "fly on the wall" while those with long experience with this need discuss their experiences with each other.   This may or may not happen, but I thought I'd ask.

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