Re: Braille Displays and Multiple Languages/Character Sets



             Thanks for this information on NVDA.  I am familiar with both NVDA and JAWS and since the option would exist to experiment with NVDA (though the client is an experienced JAWS user) this is great to know.


           The question of whether a Braille display versus a note taker would be better is an open one.  That's part of what needs to be clarified.

            I am not certain about whether the text would need to be able to be entered via a Perkins-style keyboard or not, but I thought it would be worth asking.  That's what my "spin off" question regarding language specific keyboards arose from.  Nothing is fixed in stone as of this time.

            As you saw in my response to Jason JAWS is the current primary, but I do not know whether the client would be open to using NVDA if its multi-language switching facility were significantly less cumbersome than that of JAWS or not.

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