two suggestions about nvda on web


Hi all:

  I have two suggestions about nvda browse on website.

  First, nvda will be lost graphic when the graphic has no any "alt text", example: alt = "" or no alt attribute.
this design let us no method click it (if is can onclick) or make something for this graphic (if download the graphic) because this graphic is gone in nvda's world,
so I hope nvda still show this graphic by "gra" or some signed, tell us graphic has exists.
I think if later nvda can do the mark on the graph, then the graph should be displayed anyway.

  Second, the wai-aria attribute "aria-expanded" show condition is put upside down.
if aria-expanded = false, nvda will announce "collapsed" is right but braille display show "+" (plus),
if aria-expanded = true, nvda will announce "expanded" is right but braille display show "-" (minus).
Is not the plus and minus the opposite display?
or I would like to know why the plus sign is collapsed and minus is expanded yet?
Because this thinking seems to be somewhat different from our Asians.


thank you for much
Logo Kuo from Taiwan

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