New Skype Installation a Complete Disaster!

Rich De Steno <ironrock@...>

I have used NVDA successfully with Skype for many years. Suddenly, tonight, on my Windows 7 laptop, when I entered Skype, a new version was forcibly installed, something like Version 8.1.2, and it presented me with an interface that I could not comprehend with NVDA.  None of the shortcut keys that I previously used would work.  I received a call from a friend right after this forced installation and could not answer it, because the usual alt-PageUp key combo for answering a call was useless, as were all other previous shortcut keys.  What is the solution to this problem.  I totally uninstalled Skype for now.  Do we give up on Skype as NVDA users, or install a different version or perhaps some other chat program?

Rich De Steno

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