Re: New Skype Installation a Complete Disaster!

Sharni-Lee Ward

I just tried installing the classic file, and all I got was the new
thing! I don't know what I did wrong!

On 8/01/2018 3:09 AM, Sharni-Lee Ward wrote:
I'm so glad there's an option for me, but I'm also really sad. I usually
save the conversations I have with my friend via text chat, and now I've
lost the last couple months worth of conversations because of this
change, as they will not be in the classic version when I reinstall. But
Skype is unuseable to me like this and that's just as bad.

On 7/01/2018 3:39 AM, Marten Post Uiterweer wrote:

Remove your current skype installation and install the skype classic
version from this link: If you do not remove the old installation, you
will get two skype versions after installation of the classic version.

Regards, Marten

On Sat, 6 Jan 2018 16:32:53 -0000 "Brian's Mail list account via Groups.Io" <> wrote:

I've never had it force an update on windows 7. it always asks to which I say politely no thanks.
I'm not sure how one gets the old version.
However there does seem to have been a long history with Skype mucking it up on every update they do. I hardly ever use it these days personally, but for many years the tendency to hi jack the audio settings and not put them back afterwards seemed rather draconian to me.
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Subject: [nvda] New Skype Installation a Complete Disaster!

I have used NVDA successfully with Skype for many years. Suddenly,
tonight, on my Windows 7 laptop, when I entered Skype, a new version was
forcibly installed, something like Version 8.1.2, and it presented me
with an interface that I could not comprehend with NVDA. None of the
shortcut keys that I previously used would work. I received a call from
a friend right after this forced installation and could not answer it,
because the usual alt-PageUp key combo for answering a call was useless,
as were all other previous shortcut keys. What is the solution to this
problem. I totally uninstalled Skype for now. Do we give up on Skype
as NVDA users, or install a different version or perhaps some other chat

-- Rich De Steno

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