Flash card program/website?

Sally Kiebdaj

Hello list,

I sent a message several weeks ago asking for recommendations of accessible flashcard websites ore applications. I now cannot seem to find that message and got no replies. 

I am guessing now that the message never made it to the list and apologize if I am mistaken and this is a repeat. 

I am looking for something to help me study a foreign language, ideally something that allows me to create my own sets of questions and answers and then can be used to test me by checking an answer I type against the original question and answer set. 

If that isn't clear, I mean something that will not just show me in text form one side of a flash card and then show me the other but instead show me one side and ask me to type the other like with Duolingo, for example. 

Does anyone have experience with a website or application that works well with NVDA? 

I was toying a bit with quizlet but was then told to try Anki. According to the documentation Anki sounds like it would have keyboard commands for most functions and thus might be assumed to be somewhat accessible. However, when I install and run it, the window simply speaks "frame." 

If anyone feels like playing with it, I am curious if the complete inaccessibility is a quirt of my system, a shortcoming in my NVDA skills, or if this open source project is as absolutely inacccessible as it seems. 

Any suggestions would be appreciated!


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