Where are the pluggins?


Good News! A manager has agreed to complete the paperwork to get the ball rolling on installing NVDA on my machine. But, I have to have my ducks in a row. Where do I go for these plugins Marshall talked about so I can point to price and location? They are “Focus Highlight” and “Speech Viewer”. I looked on the NVDA website and didn’t see them.

If anyone knows of another plugin I should look at, now would be the time. Remember, I’m sighted and trying to make our software and support documents handicap accessible. I need to have this turned in ASAP (as soon as possible).



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I'd like to second Joseph's advice to actually install NVDA and see how it presents your application.  But in addition, as a sighted user you will probably want to do two things:


1. Install the "Focus Highlight" plugin -- it makes it *far* easier to visually see what NVDA is describing at any given point in time; and

2. Enable the "Speech Viewer" feature (under Tools in the NVDA menu) -- it shows everything going to the speech synthesizer, but it just appears in a scrolling window -- quite useful!




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