Re: Normally, a horrible! idea, but can auto update be shut off?

Peter Chin

Could those who are still using Windows XP please tell us what antivirus programme they are using?
Sent: Friday, December 8, 2017 6:18 AM
Subject: [nvda] Normally, a horrible! idea, but can auto update be shut off?
I know I just said it is good to stay as much up to date as possible, I agree, I have a very specific reason for asking this. Given that I have my Win XP desktop still, again, it's not my primary system, no, but, I do use it on seldom occasions.
This all said, I know that the directive was made you must have at least SP1 of Win7 to use NVDA 2017.4.
Normally on this system, I use JAWS 15, so I haven't had the chance to fire up  NVDA, but, given this fact about 2017.4, I don't want the thing constantly nagging me to update, when it wouldn't be compatible.
My guess is, it'll be smart enough to see that it can't update to anything compatible, but, is that the case? Will it nag me every time I load NVDA, or will it know to keep me back on 2017.3, and not offer anything further? If it'll keep checking, then can I somehow in preferences tell it not to? I'd normally highly discourage doing this, but in my unique situation, it might be necessary.
Don't worry, I do! have plenty other systems running Windows 10, so it's not like my only Windows machine is way out of date.

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