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Tony Ballou


There are a number of useful add ons available. You are only limited by your imagination. Some that I would recommend because I use them on almost an everyday basis are: OBJ-pad, golden cursor, windows 10 app essentials, clip contents designer, clip speak, easy table navigator, emoticons, enhanced aria, place markers, read feeds, remote support, resource monitor, and systray list, I'm sure other NVDA users will also weigh in on this with recommendations and suggestions.    

Hope this helps.  

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Good News! A manager has agreed to complete the paperwork to get the ball rolling on installing NVDA on my machine. But, I have to have my ducks in a row. Where do I go for these plugins Marshall talked about so I can point to price and location? They are “Focus Highlight” and “Speech Viewer”. I looked on the NVDA website and didn’t see them.

If anyone knows of another plugin I should look at, now would be the time. Remember, I’m sighted and trying to make our software and support documents handicap accessible. I need to have this turned in ASAP (as soon as possible).



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I'd like to second Joseph's advice to actually install NVDA and see how it presents your application.  But in addition, as a sighted user you will probably want to do two things:


1. Install the "Focus Highlight" plugin -- it makes it *far* easier to visually see what NVDA is describing at any given point in time; and

2. Enable the "Speech Viewer" feature (under Tools in the NVDA menu) -- it shows everything going to the speech synthesizer, but it just appears in a scrolling window -- quite useful!




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