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Yeah I like that, sadly it does not protect from every checkbox and its not updated.

If the checkbox is straight then its fine but if its one of those imbedded boxes like the avast one in ccleaner or some of the opencandy or whatever they call themselves, there is no way in hoho land its going to pick that up.

Its really good with website checkboxes but bar adobe and maybe google no one uses that stuff anymore.

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Unchecky is very handy also.

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I have it, and I am pretty sure it's just the background processing that does not work after the trial version. The on-demand scanning, which is what the programme is actually useful for in my view, still works, and definitions still can be updated.

I keep it around and it has saved me at least once. I installed a programme that included a bunch of other baggage. I didn't realise I was allowing this other stuff to be installed, which all automatically started running on my machine. None of it was exactly malicious as such, but it was definitely unwanted. A quick MB scan revealed the culprits and I was able to clear everything in a relatively short time. Mostly this was a lot of crap in the registry, including a homepage and search redirect. Of course it's my fault for letting this stuff install in the first place, but my screen-reader (JAWS at the time) was not telling me what was on the screen, even with the use of the JAWS cursor, so I just hit the next button a whole bunch of times, and that's all it takes, sometimes. Lesson learned, but it made me glad I keep MalwareBytes around, you know?

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It has a trial period after which it locks up.  That is why it is installed, used, then killed before the trial runs out.

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Since you use malwarebytes from time to time, why do you not keep it installed on your machine?  Is there a problem with doing that?

Also, you say you "run malwarebytes when you need to".  How do you know when you need to?  Do you just hope that any malware shows itself as strange behaviour on your system, rather than just doing something sinister in the background?


On Monday 08 January 2018 at 21:36:06, Shaun Everiss wrote:

Well I use malwarebytes to scan a system, but as for keeping it on the
system, no, windows defender handles a lot of the stuff one needs to
bother with and the more advanced stuff are just not accessible enough
for my liking.

And when they are, ie sophos, if we have a problem a false positive
its to quick to flag and then we have issues.

If a false positive is flagged, we need to exclude it reinstall the
program and hope it works or in the case of one of my friends that had
the issue, reformat, exclude and hope they don't have to reformat again.

I really don't care for antimalware tools anyway I run malwarebytes
when I need to but then its off again, it will handle a scan, and a
clear out as long as I don't give a stuff what I am deleting and usually I don't.
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