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Andrea Sherry

You might try Textaloud which seems to have a scan engine in there somewhere.

currently I am using Docuscan from Seratek which does an excellent job with pdf files.


On 10/01/2018 9:18 AM, Governor staten wrote:
I have a book in .pdf format. However, it was scanned as images. Are there any free options that would allow me to OCR the whole file? It is almost 100 megs in size. It is pretty important that I be able to read this file, and possibly others from same source. Of course, I told the person who provided the file to me. Meanwhile, are there options for dealing with this now?

If someone has adobe acrobat pro, could I possibly send the file to you and you OCR it and send it back? I'm thinking through all options. If anyone can help, it is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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