Re: google chrome and gmail


I was having similar problems when checking gmail. I read to disable
AdBlock ... and now I've been able to use gmail (basic view( with no
problem so far. I had to disable the extension though since I can't
figure out how to just whitelist gmail. I noticed if I did a full
refresh of the gmail page it would work until I loaded another page so
I guess it is a certain ad doing this?
Does anyone have a clue? I'd like to not disable AdBlock plus if I can....

On 1/9/18, UMIT ERDEM Yigitoglu <uyigitoglu@...> wrote:
I like google crhome a lot. However, I can not use my gmail with it.
When I get to my mail, nvda reads only the first line as if it still
downloads the page. I need to refresh the page fiew times to get it
right. This doesn't hapenn in other browsers.
Does anyone have similar issues or a solution for it?
Best regards

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