OK I give up, Github settings

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Somebody helpfully posted here a while ago some instructions on how to get githubs issue tracker to send out emails to the person who is sending either the originating post or and subsequent comments by them. I went to the place after logging in and set it to send me emails. its still not doing it on my account.
I go back in and cannot see what I set the last time.
I'd imagine if the system could be set so anyone who posts by email or puts in a comment on the site, who has an account for the list should automatically get the comment sent back as part of the list. That would seem common sense to me, but its not happening, so at the moment, after some months, maybe I accidentally find a comment to me saying can you tell us this or that. I post that via emai, but I've no idea if its actually on the site till I log in and go through the emails and posts.
If it came back in the list as it does here, I'd be more happy that I have actually done what was asked.

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