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You know, Microsoft Word actually does a good job with translating text. You just have to have the proper language packs installed and configured. I've done this with English/Spanish and my wife with English/German from time to time.
I haven't' had the need to work with languages such as Hindi or Urdu. Nor do I have the knowledge to tell how accurate they may be if translated, but why don't you give them a try if those language packs are available.

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yes, i will try this one. but i want offline application, so do you suggest me how can i able to get it? thanks in advance.

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I propose you do the translation in a two step process. One is to translate the article in Hindi or another indian language, for example with google translate. According to this article, google can now translate about 9 indian language:

After you have translated your article in one of that language, you could try this website:

I think their quality is quite good.


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It can support Hindi and any other Indian languages like Kannada Tamil, Telugu etc. thank you.


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