Re: New custom NVDA Add-on. Who ask to?

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The problem here is that i don't know who to ask to build a custom addon even if i want to.

I really wish for some field labeling in a program i use a lot but who does this kind of thing?

I know almost nothing about python development and even less about the nvda development structure so getting me to learn it with the limited time i have these days is pointless.


On 1/10/2018 4:37 PM, Joseph Lee wrote:
I usually don't respond like the one you read below, but I think it must be said:
All I can say is, "this is 2010's." I personally WILL NOT tolerate the kinds of sentiment expressed below. Statements such as, "if you want customized and paid scripts, use JAWS", is, to me, outright unacceptable. I might add that statements like the one I paraphrased is hindrance, not hope, and it builds barriers instead of opening the doors for many. I think one of the reasons why there's really no professional uptake for NVDA (for now) is that we are too comfortable with our comfort zones, thus some may not show willingness to write professional add-ons, but that's changing.
Thus I would like to give my full support to an angel who can and is willing to write and share a custom NVDA add-on for the app in question.

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Well you probably should use jaws, people in companies use jaws for that and buy jaws scripts.

Nvda is opensource, I am not sure if anyone would do a payed addon well due to the opensource nature I don't even know if the licence terms allow for someone to make a payed addon for a single user.

True we have synths but even so.

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I think at the moment if this is an in house piece of software its
going to be hard to do it, as really the employer needs to contact
somebody and pay for it to be done I'd suggest. In a small market like
one company, it is I think legitimate to expect it to be paid for as
usage is unlikely to be very large.

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Subject: [nvda] New custom NVDA Add-on. Who ask to?

I'm Daniele from Italy.

I need a new add-on for NVDA to make my job accessible. I'm not a
programmer and I don't know how to do.

I've tried to send an email to the man NVDA website, but I didn't
receive answer.

Do you know somebody offering this kind of service?

Thank you very much.



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